DCI Wraps An Exciting Season

Despite being an indoor percussion organization, Dark Sky enjoys following the DCI season and we are especially proud of our vets and instructors who spent their summer honing their skills to an even higher level.

Congratulations to the Silver Medalist Blue Devils organization and Dark Sky vets Blake Dimas and Steven Takeda! Congrats also goes to Blue Devil staff: Jaime Holly and Peter Beckhart, returning to the DSP staff in 2017 for their second year along with Battery Arranger Jared Andrews for his fourth season.

We also followed The Cavaliers finishing 5th with a strong 94.025.  We're proud of DSP vets Peter Launier and age-out Cameron Figueroa who's also getting married in a week - CONGRATS CAMERON! 

We're looking forward to seeing bass instructor Caleb Gasteiger back again joking his way through our season 10 after his busy summer with Blue Stars visual staff.  Speaking of Bluuuuuue  we can't forget a Gold medal shout out to DSP vet Lorenzo Everett who killed it all summer with the Bluecoats! 

It is with special fondness that we congratulate The Academy from Tempe, AZ for their first performance in DCI finals!  We have a special connection with the A-team since Dark Sky's first 5 seasons were in AZ.  They came through big time for us loaning equipment until we were able to own all of our own.  We reciprocated by hosting them in Page, AZ for a week plus over the past 5 seasons.  Page is a small town but it's home to the Woodard clan and 10 DSP alumni. 

So congrats to Mark Richardson's Academy, our own Melony Robinson and Dark Sky cymbal instructor, Travis Guinta.  We'll have more to say on Mr. Ike Jackson as well, but for now, we'll say, "Way to Go" to the "Heat-Forged" crew from Arizona.

There were also lots of Semi-finalists among our ranks and we're proud of their efforts and hope they all had a memorable summer: Joselyne Grace, Joseph Damian, Edgar Chavez, Matt Miller, Ricky Gil de Montes, Zack, Palmer, William Musik, Angel Abonza, Justin Page, Katherine Quesada, Conrad Alumia, JV Villarreal, Kenny Duran, Christian Blydt-Hansen, Shea Snyder and Corin Uchuion. 

Staff members also on the DCI road this summer: Pablo Rodriguez, Miguel Guaderrama, Matt Ponce, Dalia Berman and Brandon Amaral. Although not on the trail, our Battery Zen Master, George Collins was keeping everyone informed all summer curating the Drumline and Drum Corps Videos Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/308399349249405/ 

Rest up everyone - we're only a month away from Indoor Auditions! 

Cymbal Meditation: Matt Miller, Joseph Damian, Pablo Rodriguez & Joselyne Grace

Cymbal Meditation: Matt Miller, Joseph Damian, Pablo Rodriguez & Joselyne Grace

Blake Dimas & Peter Launier celebrating after Finals

Blake Dimas & Peter Launier celebrating after Finals