What class does dsp compete in?

We compete in Percussion Independent World (PIW), locally in SCPA and WGI.  We travel to the World Championships every season.

i'm from out of town, can i still audition?

YES!  Send us an email describing your situation and we can assist you with arrangements.  We've had members audition and march from Nevada, Arizona, San Diego, NoCal, Texas and Japan!

I don’t think I’m good enough to make dark sky - should I still audition?

Definitely.  Every year people end up marching that didn't think they were ready.  You never know unless you try!  If it turns out you're not quite ready for World Class membership, getting to experience an Audition and learn from some of the best educators in the country will help you become a better player and more confident in any future auditions.

can i be in high school and still march dsp?

In accordance with the WGI policy:

“WGI discourages independent units from utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active indoor percussion high school program and have not yet graduated."

Dark Sky Percussion will not recruit students from local high school programs that have a competitive indoor percussion program. DSP believes that by helping the local high school programs grow that all organizations will prosper in the future”

In other words: If your high school program does NOT have an indoor percussion ensemble - then you are able to audition for DSP.

how can i prepare for the audition process?

Download the Audition Packet for the instrument you are interested in and do your best to learn and retain it!  You can check back here or on our Facebook page for a link to audition material.  Look for the links near the end of August.

Confidence goes a long way - you can’t be confident if you don’t know your stuff, so learn the exercises in the packet.

The audition process will also include visual elements and responsibilities.

There is a one-time Audition Fee of $40 ($50 for onsite registration)

Tuition is $2000

Fundraising opportunities are available throughout the season and encouraged to offset tuition payments.  

How much does it cost to march with Dark Sky?

After auditions, the Dark Sky Preseason includes Sundays for approximately 8 weeks. In late November through April, Dark Sky "Camps" are Friday nights, all day Saturday and Sundays.  Times are dependent on show dates and site available. 

Our schedule is available under the calendar section of the website.  We participate in SCPA and WGI shows in February and March and travel to Dayton, OH for the WGI World Championships in April.  

What is the rehearsal and performance schedule for the season?

what if i want to march drum corps?

Awesome!  We encourage participation in DCI and request that our members choose wisely in order to limit missed rehearsal time.  

my family wants to be involved during the season.  how can they help?

DSP loves volunteers and those who want to donate their time, goods or services!

We always need help with uniform adjustments (sizing, sewing, etc), prop building, fundraising coordination, meal preparation, and equipment loading/unloading.

Friends and family are always welcome!

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