Robert Ly


My name is Robert Ly. I’m from Chino Hills, California, currently 21 years old, and this is my first year with Dark Sky. I graduated from UCLA in fall 2018 with my B.A. in anthropology and earth and environmental science, and I aspire to be an educator in the future. However, my career plans are currently on hold just so I can enjoy my last few seasons of drumming. Experience-wise, I was a member of Blue Knights in 2015, Mandarins 2017, Broken City 2016 and 2018, and then Dark Sky this year. Before that, I attended Ayala high school from 2011-2015 which is where I grew to love this activity.

Outside of rehearsal, I enjoy teaching, playing board/card games with friends, and attending church. As a Christian, one of my favorite things about teaching this activity is that I’m able to take all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated through the hours invested in me by my instructors and pass it on to my students, not for my own gratification, but as a way to glorify God because of how blessed I am that I’m able to teach something that I love doing. Not only that, but this activity has been such a large part of my life ever since I started doing it back in 2010 – I honestly feel that it has shaped me as a person and that I ought to at least teach younger drummers so that I can share what I’ve learned from being in the activity for nearly a decade and hopefully inspire a few to go on and become great at the very same activity that has given me so much.