Julia Robles



DCI/WGI : Oregon Crusaders 2016, 2017. Phantom regiment 2018, Dark Sky 2019, Santa Clara Vanguard 2019.

From: California

Fun fact: I played clarinet in high school .

Yosuke Satyapan


Hi! My name is Yosuke Satyapan and I'm from Temple City California! I am in the visual ensemble this year and I'm extremely excited. Fun fact: I'm 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Thai, and 1/4 Chinese (only can speak Japanese though :/). Hope to see everyone in the lot!

James Anderson


Age: 22

Lived in: North Carolina, Hawaii, Utah, Virginia, California, Spain.

Marched: Cymbals- RCC Fall ‘14, ‘18 Cymbals- Vessel DBC ‘18 Trumpet and Mellophone- Pacific Crest ‘18 Visual Ensemble- Dark Sky ‘19 (Triple Rook Out)

Love: Cherries, My Puggle and Beagle, Performing/Teaching music.

Hate: Tuna