Sharon Woodard


Sharon Woodard:  Executive Director

Sharon lives in Northern Arizona with her husband Greg. She has been a music educator and director for over 35 years.  She jumped into indoor percussion in 2000 as the Director of Page HS and the PSA National Champions in 2005.  In 2008, she continued her indoor percussion journey founding Dark Sky with her sons and Chris Elias in Flagstaff, AZ. She's grateful for a supportive husband and enjoys collaborating with Seth and Tanner to create the Dark Sky experience for members, staff and audiences. With leadership as a long time passion, Sharon is especially proud of the influence that Dark Sky has on present and future instructors and educators. 

Seth Woodard

Seth Woodard.png


In a fusion of passions, Seth created Dark Sky Percussion with his friends and family - an indoor percussion ensemble originally from Flagstaff, AZ, now based in Los Angeles. Over the years, DSP has given hundreds of young percussionists the chance to learn from great educators and perform in front of crowds across the Southwest and at WGI Championships.

Seth owns and operates First Avenue Music, featuring quality music and full shows for marching band and indoor percussion.

Tanner Woodard



Tanner has been involved in the marching arts since 1999, when he performed with marching bands, drum corps and indoor percussion programs for five years.  Tanner has been instructing since he was a Junior in high school creating a middle school feeder for his high school program.  Since 2003 Tanner has been teaching and designing for Percussion, Brass, and Visual programs in Arizona and California.  Tanner has been an instructor/designer and founding member of Dark Sky.  Tanner added administrative responsibilities to his visual role during year 11 and became an administrator in 2018.

Tanner is currently traveling the country and vlogging his journey: